From Ireland to Iran, Girls That Roam Selected These 12 Countries As The Top Destinations To Journey To In 2016

by Heather Cassell and Super G

Oh there are so many places to go that it’s really hard to pick and choose just 12. Why not be able to go everywhere? Well, that’s humanly impossible. Thank goodness while we sometimes behave like a kid in a candy store when we spin the globe, we have more years ahead of us to explore this complicated but wonderful world we live in.

So, we took that long buck list of where our fingers land on the ball we call earth. Distant lands that we dream about that we want to go to. Recapped what happened in 2015. Consulted other travel experts to make sure our predictions were on the right track or if our ovaries were leading us astray in a PMS moment. Nope. We realized we were on the right path and in sync with the majority of global wanderers out there, but we weren’t mimicking them.

So, here are our top picks of where to go in 2016 (click on the destination to read more about why we chose it.):

  1. Ireland
  2. Brazil
  3. France
  4. San Francisco Bay Area & Wine Country
  5. Japan
  6. Botswana
  7. India
  8. Iceland
  9. Tulum, Mexico
  10. United States National Parks

Drum roll for the final two destinations please!

Being the adventurers or the rebels we are including Cuba (11) and Iran (12) to round out our list of where to travel to in 2016.

These are the forbidden countries, at least for Americans. Decades and even a half century of being blocked from traveling to Cuba and Iran has built up a world of curiosity for adventurous Girl Roamers who want to have a taste of what these two countries have to offer culturally, gastronomically, historically, outdoors, pretty much everything a traveler wants that these countries have to offer. We say bring it on.

Political events within the past year have suddenly opened up these once forbidden destinations to American travelers making them potentially accessible in the not too distant future.

We don’t know about you, but we are ready to pack our bags and hit the road again for 2016. We hope you get out there and go roam too!

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