Who wouldn’t want to travel for a living? It’s a dream job right? Glamorous. Interesting. Fun. Well, we aren’t making the big bucks yet at Girls That Roam, but we need people with skills and well worn shoes to join us on this journey to get us where we want to go. We dream of the day that we can not only be glamorous, interesting and have fun, but also live comfortably when we are home, pay those student loans and other bills, have fantastic health benefits, so we can keep trotting around the globe and retirement accounts for when we are ready to finally rest our weary feet.

We want people who are passionate about traveling and the people we meet along the way like we are. Are you ready?

We are currently have the following positions:

Advertising Sales Representative(s)

Contributor Guidelines


Currently, we are working for love, not rent. We don’t expect this labor of free love to last long, but be a love with benefits for a long time.

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