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Banner 950 w x 180 h $75 / $80 $67.50 / $72 $63.75 / $68
Leader board 950 w x 165 h $50 / $55 $45 / $49.50 $42.50 / $38.50
Skyscraper (full) 172 w x 1120 h $30 / $35 $29 / $31.25 $25.50 / $28.50
Skyscraper (half) 172 w x 560 h $20 / $25 $18 / $22.50 $17 / $21.25
Small strip (middle sidebar) 291 w x 90 h $5 / $10 $4.50 / $9 $4.25 / $8.50
Small strip (right sidebar ) 172 w x 90 h $5 / $10 $4.50 / $9 $4.25 / $8.50

Ask us about advertorial, contests and marketing campaigns, road block, email, and media partner bundle package advertising rates, contact us at +00-1-415-221-3541 or Rates are subject to increase depending on the media partner bundle package. Click on the image to enlarge it. OnlineSpecs                       Click on the image to enlarge it. SPECIAL ADVERTISING: Please contact us about advertising contests, being displayed on our promotional material, being included in our select sponsors at events, and more. ARTWORK DEADLINE: Excluding special issues, all artwork or links is due at 12 p.m. (PST / UTA) on Friday before the publication date that the advertisement is scheduled to run. PRODUCTION REQUIREMENTS: Submission: We prefer artwork to be submitted via email to  or call +00-1-415-221-3541. Business listings: Register and upload your listing Registration is easy. To register:

  1. Go to the Girls That Roam website at
  2. Go to the right hand side of the page and click “register”
  3. Enter your registration information
  4. Confirm your registration in your email
  5. Return to the Girls That Roam website
  6. Click on “Business Directory” in the navigation bar
  7. Click on “Submit a Listing”
  8. Log in
  9. Upload your business information and up to three photos

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact . Event listings should be submitted to:  (You will soon be able to upload your events for approval.) Ads Submitted on Disk: Please send to Girls That Roam, 322 12th Ave., #3, San Francisco, CA 94118 File Format: All files for online advertising submitted must be at 72dpiat the least; we prefer ads to be submitted as codes or links, but ads can also be submitted as GIF, JPEG or SWF (Flash) files. All web ads may be linked to advertiser’s preferred website. Advertiser must provide the link to the URL address. All ads MUST be built to the exact specs provided or send a link. Enewsletter is distributed every Sunday with special enewsletters for events on Thursdays and travel deals on Tuesdays. Contact our advertising department at +00-1-415-221-3541 or  to speak with a representative to place your order.