One World Game: Gay Games and Outgames Bring the Game Together

Mar 9, 2015 by

One World Game: Gay Games and Outgames Bring the Game Together

LGBT Sporting Events Leaders Announce Combined Competition in 2022.

by Heather Cassell

Gay Games and World Outgames organizers announced holding a single LGBTQ sporting tournament in 2022, announced in a blog post on the Federation of Gay Games website March 4.

Gay Game X is set for Paris, France in 2018 and the next Outgames is set for Miami, Florida in 2017.

The leadership of the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association, which produces the Outgames, and the federation, which produces Gay Games, recently formed a joint working group and conducted a survey. The working group convened in Cologne, Germany recently to discuss the results of an online survey, 1WE Cologne Report.

The working group was formed by both organizations in response to a two year disagreement between the two groups during 2004 to 2006. The schism led to both organizations hosting separate international sporting events every four years, reported Gay News Network.

The survey conducted by the working group revealed there was strong support for a quadrennial One World Event. The boards of the respective organizations were presented with the survey in January.

The two organizations plan to merge into one LGBTQ sporting organization. Leadership of the two organizations stated in the blog post that the working group, which has been brought together to assist with the transition, will “work to perpetuate the history of FGG and GLISA, while also working to bring the LGBTQI community together.”

Nearly half of the 1,705 respondents supported the global sporting event (very important (46.5%), somewhat important (26.1%), or important (16.1%)). Respondents also cited three important components to be included in the sporting event: sport, culture, and a human rights conference. Respondents also called for the games to be more inclusive representing disabled individuals, elders, women, transgender people, and youth as well as to provide more funding for those who need financial assistance to participate in the games.

Along with the working group examining the results of the survey, the two organizations began to move forward with merging into one global LGBTQ sporting organization and event.

At the meeting in Cologne, a memo of understanding was created along with reviewing the 1WE Cologne Report. Ratification of the memo is expected by April 15.

Included in the MOU is a Transition Commission and the production of a World Congress. The World Congress is scheduled to take place during the third quarter of 2015. All stakeholders with vested interest in promoting a One World Event consisting of Sport, Culture, and Human Rights will convene.

Following the ratification of the MOU, a Site Selection Commission will be created. A site selection process will commence in the fourth quarter of 2015.

“GLISA is excited on the progress of this vital collaboration that benefits the worldwide LGBT sporting community”, said Tamara Adrian, co-president of the sporting association.

“All of us at the FGG are extremely thrilled to see things moving forward in a positive manner,” added Kurt Dahl, co-president of the federation.