LGBT Wedding Experts Offer These Tips for Planning Your Nuptials in Hawaii.


Looking for that perfect beach wedding? Look no further than getting “Mauied” in Maui or any one of Hawaii’s romantic islands.

Just for you DIYers out there, here are some tips to help your BIG DAY, go off without a hitch and leave you feeling like queens:

  1. Set the date. It’s generally a good idea to plan a year to six months in advance.
  2. Choose the location.
  3. Beach Locations: Remember, beach weddings can be affected by uninvited guests as Hawaiian beaches are public property. At some resorts the beaches are enclosed. Weather can also be a factor.
    1. Check the Hawaii Wedding Rules:
    2. Follow these steps to get your beach wedding
      1. Check to see if your beach location qualifies at or call 808-587-0439
      2. Register for your permit:
      3. Get your beach wedding permit:
  4. Protect your wedding. Get wedding insurance. It’s not mandatory, but it protects your investment in your future “I Dos.” Choose from wedding liability insurance or wedding event cancellation/postponement insurance.
  5. Find a licensed officiant/minister. A list of recommended LGBT or LGBT-friendly officiants/ministers can be found at or
  6. Apply for your marriage license, visit
  7. Now it’s time to have fun. Planning your wedding from picking your dress or tux to getting your groove on with a DJ to getting the cake and eating it too! And of course recording it all with beautiful photos.
  8. Check out:
    1. EnGAYged – Kauai:
    2. Kauai Wedding Professionals Association:
    3. EnGAYged – Maui:
    4. For other Hawaiian Islands, visit
  9. Get your marriage license, visit;jsessionid=2C94BD54A08B8EB57CC03CDF48ED64B8.prodapp1.
  10. Appear with your bride or groom before a licensed agent of Hawaii (i.e. a state official, such as the county clerk or Department of Health official).
  11. Contact a notary public to certify the wedding certificate application and return to the licensed agent or Department of Health official.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll have plenty of time to celebrate and relax on the beach sipping Mai Tais in wedded bliss.

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