By Heather Cassell

Three female British tourists – two women and one girl – were among five injured after an explosion at a hotel pool bar at a popular Spanish holiday island, Tenerife, Spain, on Dec. 27.

The explosion happened in Adeje, Tenerife on the south-west coast of the island Friday evening.

A woman suffered serious burns to her face and scalp during the blast. Two other women, age 38 and 34, also suffered burns. The women were treated at a hospital, reported El Mundo.

An 8-year-old British girl was treated for neck burns from the explosion.

A man suffered minor abrasions during the explosion.

An unidentified spokeswoman from the Foreign Office confirmed to eTurbo News that representatives were investigating reports of British people being injured. No other information of tourists from the U.S. or any other country has been provided.

“We are aware of reports of an incident involving British nationals,” she says. “We are liaising with authorities and we stand ready with consular assistance.”

The island is also popular among tourists embracing nearly 5 million travelers’ yearly, more than any other island of the seven Canary Islands, and it is the tourism and economic centre of the archipelago. The island hosts two airports in the south and the north, Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South Airport.

Tenerife hosts one of the world’s largest carnivals. The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is bidding to become designated as a World Heritage Site.

One of the largest and most populous islands of the Canary Islands and Macaronesia, Tenerife has 898,680 residents living on the 785 square miles (2,034.38 square kilometers) making up 43 percent of the total population of the Canary Islands.

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