Be A Queen In The Queendom

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Be A Queen In The Queendom

DJ Dimples And TC, Co-Producers Of Queendom, Talk About Hosting The Hottest New All-Girl Party During Black Pride Atlanta And Their Rising Stars In The Nightlife


Atlanta was DJ Dimples’ first big party she spun at and you never forget your first.

The Miami-based spinstress was mixing up the hits for Girls in the Night, but DJ Dimples felt something was missing in Atlanta.

She was searching for classier and more variety of parties for a mature and sophisticated audience.

Two years ago, the 30-year old spinstress found her nightlife partner in crime teaming up with  Atlanta raised, TC, 34, producer of Xplosion Ent., which puts on several all-girl parties a month in Atlanta, to produce Queendom during Atlanta Black Pride, the annual Pride event during Labor Day Weekend in The A, what locals affectionately call Atlanta, that attracts up to 75,000 attendees.

The four-day weekend of upscale all-girl parties was in instant hit last year.

The girls are back for the second year hosting Queendom this weekend.

“The response has been overwhelming,” says TC, who estimates that up to 2,000 women came out to the eight events at Queendom throughout the weekend last year. She anticipates an even larger crowd this year.

Queendom Producers, TC, far left, and DJ Dimples, far right (Photo: Courtesy of 2Fly and Xplosion Ent.)

Queendom Producers, TC, far left, and DJ Dimples, far right (Photo: Courtesy of 2Fly and Xplosion Ent.)


This year, the ladies in Atlanta will be treated to local talent showing them why Atlanta is called Hotlanta at eight sizzling parties with DJs 2UTY, Adore, Dimples, E, and Jai Syncere heating up the dance floor throughout the weekend.

The party starts on Thursday night with the official Welcome to Queendom Kick Off Party hosted by The Carters with performances by Ari The Mack, Easy the Great, and Trice at Suite Food Lounge (375 Luckie Street, Northwest; 404-577-2500; starting at 10 p.m. until 3 a.m.

Friday is red hot with the Russian Red Party. BLU from the Bad Girls Club hosts the all red affair at Krave Lounge (1100 Crescent Avenue, Northeast;, 10 p.m. until 3 a.m.

Saturday get’s sexy with the Sex and the City Party with a live performance by OhmyLA and hosted by Blacchyna with co-host Amber’s Closet along with Ari, Eazy and Nunn at Café Circa (464 Edgewood Avenue, Southeast; 404-477-0008; starting at 3 until 8 p.m. Play into the night at The PlayHouse with a fire show performance by the The Showstoppers and hosted by Knox of DMVN Pigeon along with co-hosts Ari, Eazy and Nunn at Icon Ultra Lounge (2847 Buford Highway;; starting at 11 p.m. until 4 a.m.

Sunday, August 31 the girls go wild at the Wet and Wild Mansion Pool Party with poolside entertainment by Carter The Body, Juiceboxx, and King Kelz hosted by Wild N Out’s Ms. Brittany Duet with co-hosts Ari, Eazy and Nunn at 3525 Cascade Road, Southwest. Break out those summer whites for the last time for the All White Affair with performances by Siya, Ms Guamm and Ziggy at the Havana Club (3112 Piedmont Road, Northeast; 404-869-8484; starting at 10 p.m. until 3 a.m.

“I’m pretty well traveled, I think that Atlanta still has the southern charm and southern hospitality,” says TC.

TC fell into being a promoter by accident seven years ago when she started hosting fundraising parties for Xplosion women’s football team, she says. Then the events took off where she was producing several parties a month in Atlanta and she began collaborating with promoters in South Carolina to produce parties there too. That was seven years ago. In spite of the success of Xplosion Ent. and Queendom, she didn’t give up her day job for the party life. An office equipment professional managing corporate accounts for more than 12 years, she recently relocated to Los Angeles, she says.

She’s looking forward to heading home to Atlanta this weekend and reconnecting with DJ Dimples to throw down an incredible weekend for the girls in Atlanta.

Queen of the Night

DJ Dimples is the producer of 2Fly Entertainment, which is behind Sweet Heat Miami, the annual popular all-girl party in South Beach in Miami, Fla.

“I absolutely love Miami,” says the Pisces girl who loves the heat and water.

The Miami native grew up in a musical family. DJ Dimples started out playing the cello and violin as a child, but she liked Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae and other music. When she hit her teens she went out and bought her first turntables and began spinning records with a DJ friend. Realizing that she was good, she started spinning at her high school cafeteria during lunch and at the dances.

There weren’t many female DJs around at the time, so she got some notoriety and began spinning at other events. That was nearly 13 years ago.

When she graduated she pursued duel degrees in business and sound engineering, but her heart wasn’t into school and she lost interest. The parties were calling and she was answering. She left college one class short of obtaining her degree.

DJ Dimples (Photo: T.Ross Photography)

DJ Dimples (Photo: T.Ross Photography)

DJ Dimples spent years hopping up and down the Eastern Seaboard, even living in Atlanta, Georgia for a short spell, and going anywhere people would hire her to spin at Pride events and other parties. Then about seven years ago she got the idea for SweetHeat Miami.

Seeing how other cities throw events, the spinstress wanted to bring what she witnessed elsewhere to Miami. She stepped out of the DJ booth and into producing parties launching SweetHeat Miami, the annual all-girl extravaganza every May in South Beach, under the moniker 2Fly Entertainment.

“It’s such a blessing,” says DJ Dimples about the thousands of women who attend SweetHeat. “It gets bigger and bigger every year. I’ve watched it grow, I think this is the first year where I was like, ‘Man, I really did this? This is really cool.’”

She’s looking to do the same with Queendom.

DJ Dimples loves traveling and plans to take 2Fly Entertainment on the road with the launch of The LuxeLife Toronto in 2015. She also has her eye on other destination cities popular with the ladies, but wasn’t ready to discuss that information just yet.

Some of DJ Dimples favorite cities are Los Angeles and New York. New York has won her heart.

“New York is my favorite at this point,” says DJ Dimples, who wants to see the world, not anywhere in particular, just the world.

Her ultimate goal is to show women a great time in whatever city she’s spinning or throwing a party.

“I want them to leave saying that they had a magnificent time,” says DJ Dimples, hoping the women “dance the night away” and they leave the party “full of smiles,” because they “had a great time with their friends.”

“I just want them to live in the moment and enjoy themselves,” says DJ Dimples.

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