Popular All-Girl Fall Getaway EDEN Pacific Northwest Returns

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Popular All-Girl Fall Getaway EDEN Pacific Northwest Returns

The Girls Will Gather in Seaside, Oregon for a Second Year, October 2 – 5

EDEN Pacific Northwest is back for its all-girl getaway to Oregon’s Northern Coast, October 2 – 5, and the women are excited.

The EDEN PNW team is proud to bring this weekend back much to the delight of women. This is the second year women and their friends will be gathering in Seaside, Oregon for the girlfriend getaway weekend, EDEN PNW, filled with bonfires, exploring the Northern Oregon coast, laughter and music.

Women are snapping up the early bird weekend passes and tours and booking their rooms at host hotel Shilo Inn and Suites Oceanfront for the weekend getaway and spreading the word to their friends.

Keep an eye on the EDEN PNW website for more tours and activities that will be announced before prices go up August 1.

“We’re excited to bring some R&R to the women in the Pacific Northwest,” says Sarah Toce, publisher of The Seattle Lesbian, one of the EDEN PNW producers. “The women in the Pacific Northwest are ready for a truly unforgettable weekend getaway that is unlike anything else out there – and we have it for them with EDEN PNW.”

Cycling down the southern end of the Promenade in Seaside, Ore. (Photo: Courtesy of the Seaside Visitors Bureau)

Cycling down the southern end of the Promenade in Seaside, Ore. (Photo: Courtesy of the Seaside Visitors Bureau)

“We really refashioned the event to be a getaway,” agrees Christine De La Rosa, founder and producer of EDEN Pride Events, one of the co-producers of EDEN PNW. Christine, also known as Miz Chris, points out that several excursions were offered last year, but this year there will be more fun activities and excursions for guests to enjoy.

“We had a few excursions last year and I think that was great,” says Christine. “We really extended our excursions this year so that people can really come and enjoy and have a fun weekend, but also a relaxing weekend.”

“This year we’re really making EDEN PNW a relaxing weekend getaway,” agrees Sarah, excited about guests being able enjoy the beach, explore and relax and most of all have a good time with your friends and make new friends. “So, they can relax, unwind, and spend some time making new memories with new (and cherished) friends.”

Last year, EDEN PNW was a huge success with representatives of Seaside venues and many women expressing their excitement for the all-girl getaway to return this year.

EDEN PNW guests enjoyed live entertainment and hanging out around the beach bonfire, which was also one of the teams’ favorite moments along with the comedy night.

Christine and Sarah chime that they both had a great time with guests at the comedy show.

“The comedy show was a great one,” says Sarah, whose friend comedian Lisa Koch performed last year.

“It was a really nice intimate space with really great folks who were performing,” adds Christine, about the comedy show hosted at the Seaside Coffeehouse.

“I had no idea beach bonfires could be that beautifully displayed,” says Sarah, about the bonfire that gathered women out on the beach sipping mead wine courtesy of Sky River Meadery, hosted on the Seaside beach by the Seashore Inn. “It was a moment of fine art if you ask me.”

Katie showing, Heather and Super G, publishers of Girls That Roam, the brews at Fort George Brewery in Astoria. (Photo: Super G)

Last year, Heather and Super G, publishers of Girls That Roam, ventured off from EDEN PNW following the Northern Oregon Coast Ale Trail and to explore the area. They landed in Astoria where they found Katie, one of the brewery girls at the Fort George Brewery, who chatted them up about their crafted brews. (Photo: Super G)

This year, the bonfire is returning along with top notch comedy, tea dances, and fun excursions and outdoor activities from clamming to hiking to shopping in Cannon Beach as well as guided tours of the North Coast Craft Brewery Trail and North Coast Wine and Cheese Scenic Tour and workshops, such as painting and wine.

EDEN Pacific Northwest is produced by EDEN Pride Events, PQ Monthly and The Seattle Lesbian. The women’s weekend is co-sponsored by Inferno Dances and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Early bird weekend passes are $50 and early bird passes for announced tours are $15 – $30. Pass prices go up August 1. Early bird passes are available at EDENPNW.com/?page_id=1373.

To book your rooms on the beach at the Shilo Inn, call 503-738-9571 and use the code: EDEN PNW for a special discount rate.

Learn more about EDEN PNW, visit EdenPNW.com or follow EDEN PNW at Facebook.com/EDENPNW.

(Source: EDEN Pride Events)

Full Disclosure: Heather Cassell, publisher and editor of Girls That Roam, is the marketing and sponsorship director of EDEN Pride Events.