LGBT Relationship Expert Dr. Ken Christiansen Suggests Getting Away Before the Big Day or Simply Escape from Daily Life As One of His Tips To Help Couples Destress & Reconnect

by Heather Cassell

Gone are the days when LGBT people didn’t expect to have kids or get married, but now with the advent of marriage equality many couples are finding themselves wrapped up in the juggle of life their straight counterparts are very familiar with, but with a twist.

If everything has gone to plan the natural order of life is: first comes career, then marriage, and then comes baby and the white picket fence. For many LGBT couples the formula or game of “Life” is much more complicated.

“We’re seeing more couples stressed for time because they’re trying to ‘have it all’ – family, the home, the kids, the careers, the social life – and on top of everything else they’re overwhelmed by planning their weddings and honeymoons,” says Dr. Ken Christiansen, a Miami-based clinical psychologist specializing in LGBT couples.

One of Ken’s favorite tips for couples is a pre-wedding getaway to disconnect from life’s pressures.

Reconnecting Tips

Once couples arrive at their romantic getaway, to distress Ken has these three key suggestions that he makes to couples:

Tip #1: Try Something Totally New

Vacation is a perfect time to be adventurous. Plan one new activity that you and your partner have never done before to inject some adrenaline into the mix.

Tip #2: Create the Ultimate Date Night

Plan a date that you know your other half will really enjoy and remember.

Tip #3: Disconnect from Your Electronic Devices

Block temptations to check emails, texts, and messages ditch your cell phones and other electrical toys … [well, not all ;)].

Face-to-face, you can reconnect with the love of your life and find that spark again before saying “I do,” and well into your marriage. May it be long and happy.

Your room at the Conrad Miami (Photo: Courtesy of Conrad Hotel)
Your room at the Conrad Miami
(Photo: Courtesy of Conrad Hotel)

To help couples getaway, the Conrad Miami Hotel (1395 Brickell Avenue; 305-503-6500; in Miami, Flr. has teamed up with Dr. Christiansen by offering the “It’s About Time!” romantic package to couples and that include ideas how to reconnect.

Starting in May through the end of this year, couples will receive:

  • Two-night deluxe accommodations with sweeping views overlooking the city of Miami or Miami’s Biscayne Bay in a spectacular guest room.
  • Romantic dinner-for-two at the hotel’s Atrio Restaurant + Wine Room with a special chef’s menu.
  • Two day passes to Hilton Bentley Beach Club in South Beach where two chaise lounges, towels and an umbrella await.
  • 50% off a couples massage at The Spa at Conrad Miami (if guests are willing to relinquish their smartphones upon arrival).

Part of the package to help couples fulfill Ken’s suggestions, the Conrad Miami is offering to assist guests with their pre-arrival inquiries and date night planning assistance through the Conrad Concierge app.

The hotel is encouraging guests to flirt with each other at one of Conrad Miami’s many romantic enclaves, hook up for a drink at LvL 25, and fall in love all over again and make it all memorable with personalized stationary to hand-write (no typing on devices!) love-messages and forget-me-nots, to remember always.

Relax poolside in a cabana at the Conrad Miami. (Photo: Courtesy of Conrad Hotel)
Relax poolside in a cabana at the Conrad Miami. (Photo: Courtesy of Conrad Hotel)

The package, a play on words, symbolizes the Conrad Hotel’s parent company the Hilton’s longtime commitment to LGBT rights and welcomes Florida finally legalizing same-sex marriage at the beginning of this year. Seeing that June kicks off the Pride and wedding seasons the Conrad Hotel’s team wants to celebrate the Sunshine state’s new romantic status by helping couples “nurture their time together,” says Stephane Mercier, general manager of the Conrad Hotel.

“It’s about time that Florida granted marriage equality to all, and Conrad Miami offers all couples the perfect getaway to nurture their time together,” says Stephane.

“Our ‘It’s About Time!’ package is more than just a play on words, it’s a meaningful, carefully crafted escape for couples to refocus on what’s important – taking the time to celebrate their love for each other.”

The “It’s About Time!” package starts at $319.

Want to book this package or learn more? Looking for a place to getaway to before your wedding or simply have a romantic escape?

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