The Bluegrass State’s largest city is a hub of creativity, intellectualism, good bourbon, and a large LGBTQ community.

by Heather Cassell

Louisville wants to show off its rainbow colors to queer travelers.

Kentucky’s largest city has been a cornerstone of progressiveness and a hub for the Bluegrass state’s LGBTQ community for quite some time and the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau believe it’s high time it comes out and proud.

The visitor’s bureau recently convened an LGBTI task force to brainstorm ways to attract LGBTQ travelers to experience Louisville, reported The Courier-Journal.

Louisville is among several destinations courting queer travelers. This past November, Virginia’s Secretary of Commerce and Trade launched its own LGBTQ task force along with the newly launched Virginia Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Key West has the oldest and longest running LGBT Visitors Bureau in the U.S. In recent years, Seattle and Vermont have established its own LGBT visitors bureaus while other cities – Cleveland, Oh. and Portland, Ore. to name a couple – and states, such as New York, have chosen to be enfolded into the citywide or statewide visitors bureau.

Members of the Louisville LGBTI task force included representatives of local accommodations and attractions as well as the Kentuckiana Pride Foundation, the Louisville Fairness Campaign and Louisville Metro Government.

LGBTQ travelers to Louisville can expect to see the new campaign unveiled at a booth at the Kentuckiana Pride Festival centered on the Riverfront Plaza/Belvedere on June 19 – 20.