Lorie Moore Is Ready For More #HardWork

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Lorie Moore Is Ready For More #HardWork

X-Factor’s Lorie Moore Dishes With Girls That Roam About Sports, the X-Factor and Singing, #HardWork, and Traveling


Music and football have been Lorie Moore’s life, but you won’t see her on the sidelines cheering on her team in a skimpy outfit. She’s on the field as a semi-pro female football player who also by the way is often tapped to sing the US National Anthem during the half-time entertainment.

Last year, she took her music career up a notch wowing audiences in NBC’s The X Factor and started working with TV star Tisha Campbell-Martin performing with the songstress on “Tisha Tuesdays” at the Xen Lounge (10628 Ventura Boulevard; 818-505-3513; ; XenLounge.com) in Studio City, California.

Tisha owns the nightclub with her celebrity husband Duane Martin.

Lorie and Tisha have also been in the studio working on Tisha’s return to music with her first album in years, says the starlet, who is announcing the release of her own album this weekend at Women’s Weekend 2.0, September 12 – 14, in Sonoma.

Fans should “be ready for honest music,” says Lorie. “That’s what I’m all about.”

“I’m free of any societal restrictions and that is the point that I make with my music,” she adds.

Music is a gift to Lorie.

“This is my gift that I’m given and so my gift is to keep on giving,” says Lorie, who also knows a little somethin’, somethin’ about hard work and getting the job done. “I’m always going to share that gift in whatever capacity. I’m there to share it.”

Hard work is her mantra, because behind the glam and glitz is a lot of sweat, sometimes tears, and intense focus. It’s that work ethic that took the X-Factor audiences and judges by storm last fall before she was eliminated from the final four.

“It’s been proven in this business time and time again, that if you make sure no one out works you, you will be successful,” says Lorie.

Lorie Moore performing (Photo: Andre Ruiz of Sixty5 Media)

Lorie Moore performing (Photo: Andre Ruiz of Sixty5 Media)

Sports and Song

Lorie never expected to be a running back with the International Women’s Football League when she signed up for the sport in 2005. She simply was new in town and wanted to make friends and to stay fit for her music, the rising star tells Girls That Roam, about when she moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. Ah, that was six years and one world championship her team won in 2012.

“The point of me doing the football was to have the cardio. I needed to maintain the body for an artist to keep their image up,” says Lorie, the problem came when “I didn’t know when to stop.”

Lorie laughs about how she fell in love with football, but this year she decided to take time off to focus on her music career again.

It’s all been about music and sports for Lorie who was signed by Rap-A-Lot Records with a girl group, ZX3, when she was 20 years old. The girls in the group went through the girl group drama by the book: one wanting to get married and the other getting pregnant, leaving Lorie to go solo.

“I’ve been doing music my whole life music. [Music] has always been the constant. Athletics has also been a constant,” says Lorie, who originally, was a star basketball player playing in a Division 1 team for Eastern Illinois and coaching high school varsity basketball teams.

Lorie marched on to the beat of her own tune, leaving Chicago and the girl group drama behind.

She spent football season recording and writing her music and off season touring festivals and performing in musicals.

Before she took the X-Factor stage, Lorie appeared in the Los Angeles production of The Color Purple: The Musical in 2012.

The X-Factor

Then X-Factor came along pushing her into the limelight of millions of viewers.

“I was absolutely thrilled,” says Lorie about being selected for the X-Factor.

Being on the show was a game changer for her, especially when she won tough talking Simon Cowell’s approval when he told her, “You can really sing.”

A little part of her was confident that she could sing. Simon cemented that forever for her, but the question remained, could she be a star?

The judges “knew that I was a good singer, but they didn’t know if they had a star” in me, says Lorie, pointing to the fact that she didn’t have a hard luck story or something that would really endear audiences to her personally beyond her work ethic.

She was surprised when audiences, the judges and the show embraced her speech, to get a seat, “Hard work beats talent, hard work gets up every day, hard work falls down and it gets back up, hard work gets a seat.” That moment played out throughout the season and spawned #hardworkdgetsaseat.

“That is a mark that definitely left an impression on the show. The producers love me for it. The judges stood up and clapped,” says Lorie. “It was an emotional moment for me, because it’s been hard. “That was a great moment for me. I will never forget it. I will never downplay it.”

Lorie continues to take that moment and uses it to inspire her to move forward toward being a bona fide star. She’s currently writing songs and singing on Tisha’s album with her and working with Chi Angels new album as well as showing up on some other artists’, that she can’t name, albums in the near future.

Fans can also catch Lorie on “Chi Angels” reality show on OWN Network, Oprah Winfrey’s TV station.

Lorie is also in the studio daily working on her own music when she isn’t stepping out onto stages across the US.

“I’m just very proud of the way I represented myself on the show,” says Lorie. “A lot of people come to me and they tell me that they are just very motivated and they are impressed.”

“I have something to say and I help people with it,” says Lorie.

She’s also proud of her close relationship with Tisha, who has become a mentor and more like family to her in Los Angeles, she says.

“I’m just really thankful for that mentorship, because I’m able to lean on her advice,” says Lorie. “It’s a very good relationship and I’m thankful for her.”

Singer Lorie Moore is jazzing it up. (Photo: Courtesy of Lorie Moore)

Singer Lorie Moore is jazzing it up. (Photo: Courtesy of Lorie Moore)

Hitting the Road

Lorie is putting on her traveling shoes and hitting the road this fall with a new album. One of the places she looks forward to returning to is Houston, Texas.“I have a special liking for Houston,” says Lorie, who enjoys the Southern hospitality. “They really treated me well.”

Her hometown Chicago of course is a favorite as well as Atlanta, Georgia.

She’s looking forward to traveling up and down the West Coast and dreaming of heading back to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

“I just want to go back there on my own terms,” says Lorie, who toured the Europe, which Amsterdam was one of the cities she performed in with Brenda Russell, formerly of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Lorie likes soaking in the culture in various cities and places she goes to. She loves how people are eager to show others the best parts of their cities or where they live are.

“People are eager to show you their city. They are proud of where they are from,” says Lorie.

They show you where the best places to eat are, the best art they have to offer, and the best of everything about their city, she says.

“It’s just an eagerness that people come with willing to show you what their city is made of and I like that,” says Lorie. “That’s my favorite part of traveling.”

Her next dream destination is Japan or some island destination for a big music festival.

“I would love to go to Japan,” says Lorie. “I would like to go to some type of island for a big festival. I’m not even particular. I would do a St. Martin’s festival. Why not?”

One thing is for sure, you will soon have the opportunity to see Lorie perform live as she plans to visit her fans where they live. Lorie says it’s the only way to have a true Lorie experience. TV just doesn’t do her justice.

“You will never know Lorie Moore as an artist until you see her in person,” says Lorie about the energy she radiates to the audience during her live performances. “That’s the place where I give everything. You will never know me until you see me.”

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