The New Café, Blue Box, Opened Last Month To A Popular Reception From People Seeking Their Own Seat At “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”

by Heather Cassell

You will feel like the jewel inside the Blue Box Café at Tiffany and Co., the luxury jeweler’s new restaurant at its iconic store in New York.

Just like that amazing proposal you dreamed of and waited for or are dreaming of. The wait is worth it for Tiffany’s new café that opened November 10.

It’s been a long wait, nearly 60 years since the iconic scene when Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, got out of the yellow cab in her black evening gown in the early morning New York hours. Casually, she walked up to Tiffany and Co.’s 5th Avenue and 57th street store and browsed the window displays while eating a croissant and sipping a cup of coffee. The scene emblazoned itself from that moment forward onto American culture capturing the imagination of generations all wanting to have “Breakfast at  Tiffany’s.”

Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, in "Breakfast At Tiffany's"
Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, enjoying a croissant and a cup of coffee while admiring the fine jewelry on display at the Tiffany’s window. (Photo: Courtesy of

Unlike Holly, you won’t be dining outside on Fifth Avenue. I can’t guarantee you won’t hear the same “Moon River” by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer playing in your head as the scene was created in the 1961 film.

The film was adapted from Truman Capote’s novel about New York’s high society in the 1950s.

This is the first time in the history of the iconic jeweler that anyone could have breakfast at Tiffany’s.

It’s the jeweler’s first foray into being a restaurateur as it becomes one of several retailers, such as Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar and Emporio Armani Caffe, noted the Hollywood Reporter, experimenting with ways to entice customers into the store and to create an experience customers’ will like.

Retailers have been battling online competitors that are open 24/7 and often slash prices because they don’t have the same overhead expenses as traditional retailers. Millennials and the generations that follow are used to shopping online and that’s only increasing with mobile shopping on smartphones and tablets. Fighting back, brick and mortar stores are creating experiences for shoppers, at Tiffany’s Blue Box Café is only one experiment. The jeweler opened a temporary concept store in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center and another one is set to open in Grand Central Terminal, reported the New York Times. Both stores will feature a curated selection of jewelry, home goods, and accessories with an “emphasis on showcasing modern luxury,” according to the newspaper.

When you enter the store, you will be greeted at the entrance to the store where you will walk through the bedazzling jewels on the main floor in the direction of the elevator. At the elevator, you will be greeted by a concierge-attendant who will bring you to the fourth floor. On your way up, you will be able to marvel at the walls lined with photos of the jeweler’s latest designs and offerings in the store, including a new line of teacups and plates: a sneak peek at your table setting at the café, according to CNN.

When you arrive at the fourth-floor a woman cheerfully greets you, “Welcome to the fabulous fourth floor.”

The fourth floor is home to Tiffany’s new luxury home and fashion accessories collection and Blue Box Café. The entirely reimagined floor designed by Reed Krakoff, chief artistic officer at Tiffany, was revealed to the public at the same time last month.

Blue Box Cafe at Tiffany and Co.
Tiffany and Co.’s newly opened Blue Box Café in New York City. (Photo: Courtesy of Eater NYC)

The café inspired by the movie is adorned top to bottom in the jeweler’s classic robin’s-egg blue motif. A vision by Reed, who was the celebrated designer at Coach where with the support of then-CEO Lee Frankfort took the company’s sales from $6 million in 1996 to $5 billion by 2013 before he ventured out onto his own, reported the Hollywood Reporter. Reed also designed former first lady Michelle Obama’s dress for her official second-term portrait. Reed landed at Tiffany’s a year ago.

“The space is experimental and experiential – a window into the new Tiffany,” said Reed who led the redesign of the 299-piece home and accessories section and the adjoining café, in a statement.

Richard Moore, vice president creative director at Tiffany, agreed, adding he hopes customers will want to “experience the artfully composed home” and enjoy the carefully selected “elevated everyday objects,” he told Vanity Fair.

Some of the objects have already made the social media rounds, such as the “tin can” for $1,000 and the “ball of yarn” for $9,000, reported Nation’s Restaurant News.

Across from the entrance to the café is a room dedicated to designer Elsa Peretti with her signature crystal Thumbprint bowls and sterling Wave boxes.

Reed’s vision of Blue Box Café and the home and fashion accessories department brings everything together with Tiffany’s signature blue, even in the veining in the amazonite stone, the plush leather chairs, and the new line of Tiffany plates and cups in the cafe.

Miniature Tiffany window displays filled with chrome figurines, diamonds and homewares form nice accents on the walls.

High tea Blue Box Cafe Tiffany and Co.
High tea at the Blue Box Café. (Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany and Co.)

The café is bright and airy and seats 40 people overlooking Central Park. The café’s prix fixed menu offers breakfast, lunch, and high tea. The menu changes seasonally with dishes designed to “reflect a sophisticated take on a variety of New York dishes,” according to the New York Times.

The storied store opened in 1837 and has more than 300 stores in 20 countries. During its 180 years, it has remained classic and current all at the same time creating devoted fans marveling at the creations to adorning them. Every girl wants that little blue box.

Tiffany’s history is inspiring and captured in the documentary, “Crazy About Tiffany’s.”

Heading to New York? The restaurant has been extremely popular. You can make reservations online two weeks in advance of your dining experience at Blue Box Café.

Girls That Roam is definitely going to make a reservation the next time we make our Broadway run.

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