Trying to Get a Grasp on What Women Travelers Want?

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Trying to Get a Grasp What Women Travelers Want?

Girls That Roam Has the Answer with its Women’s Travel Survey 2013

(San Francisco, Calif. – January 7, 2014) Women are increasingly hitting the road on their own for business or pleasure or getting away with their girlfriends or main squeeze. To find out what women want, Girls That Roam asked the questions and got answers in its first Women’s Travel Survey 2013.

Girls That Roam conducted an extensive survey, reviewed their responses and spoke with respondents about their travel experiences during 2011/2012 and compiled it into this informative first survey in 2013.

“Our savvy Girl Roamers were candid in this survey about where they’ve set their sights for solo journeys, romantic getaways, adventures with their best gal pals and the destinations that they want to explore,” says Heather Cassell, publisher and editor of Girls That Roam. “More important, these women were very open about what they want when they are traveling.”

Girl Roamers are on the move exploring the world searching for new and unique destinations as much as the next warm beach to relax on or a quick jaunt into cultural hot spots. Yes, women are still visiting family and friends, but they are also keeping the flame alive by going on romantic getaways and having a blast with the girls on all-girl adventures. Then there’s time alone, the journeys we are increasingly take alone. No matter how we are traveling or who we are traveling with there are key things women need and want while we are gallivanting around the world.

Top 5 things women travelers want while traveling:

  1. Let women know you want and value our business with each engagement with us from advertising and marketing to reaching out to the women’s community to personal encounters.
  2. Customer service says it all to us. Train your staff well. Let us see ourselves reflected in your staff. Seeing ourselves reflected along with simple common courtesy and forward thinking by your staff goes a long way.
  3. Don’t charge us more just because we are women and need a little bit extra accommodation.
  4. Safety. Help us stay safe. Let us know where hot spots or neighborhoods are or if there’s been trouble in the area recently and how to avoid these areas. Give us a contact at the hotel and have someone at the front desk at all times. Restrict access only to guests on their floor and keep hallways well lit or offer women-only floors.
  5. Help us learn about your neighborhood and city. Let us know what’s happening from art and culture to outdoor activities and more that might be of interest to us.

These are five simple things that require small actions that can immediately be implemented that will help you improve your relationship with and attract more women travelers. To find out more about what women want and where they have their eyes set on exploring, read the Women’s Travel Survey 2013.

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