EDEN SF V Is The Party

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EDEN SF V Is The Party

The All-Girl Party During San Francisco Pride Weekend is Fierce, Fearless and Flawless


The girls were a mess in San Francisco for a while. Parties popped up and disappeared like shooting stars, it was the same dance music – some of it bad – go-go dancers and it was difficult to really know where to go, especially if you were new in town.

Basically, the girls hit a slump in their nightlife entertainment. Then EDEN came to town led by Christine De La Rosa, also known as “Miz Chris,” and nothing has been the same since.

Five years ago Miz Chris put her stiletto heal into the “Gay Mecca” turning it into EDEN, a weekend filled with a dazzling events from comedy shows to fashion shows to brunches to parties sporting the hottest female celebrities and entertainers with red carpet affairs. It was like Hollywood came to the City by the Bay and the girls were ready to get down pouring out of their cars and lining up down the block just to get in dance their hearts out and simply be scene.

EDEN has been the it party ever since attracting upward of nearly 7,000 queer girls and their friends throughout San Francisco Pride Weekend to see celebrities from The L Word and The Real L Word and the latest it movies and shows to live entertainment from Grammy award-winning artists, like rapper Eve, to showcasing emerging artists and bands.

R&B / sourl singer/songwriter Goapele

Goapele (Courtesy of Goapele)

In Style: The Only Way How to Celebrate

The girls behind the EDEN – run by a team of five – continue to out-do themselves year-after-year and this year isn’t any different. Bay Area native whose star is rising fast Goapele headlining performer her latest single “Hey Boy” and other favorites at EDEN SF V’s Anniversary Signature Party Saturday night (June 28) and San Francisco’s own queer girl rapper Oh Blimey kicking off the celebrations tonight at EDEN’s Kick Off Party (June 26). A little Malibu will be in the house on Friday at EDEN’s All White Everything Party (June 27) with rapper Colette Carrgetting the girls jamming to the beats on the dance floor.

“I am very excited to have Goapele be our headliner this year. Having her as a part of our five year anniversary is a major coup for us,” says Miz Chris, founder and producer of EDEN Pride Events, which produces EDEN San Francisco.

EDEN and Goapele appear to be a perfect match as both artist and the women’s entertainment company is all about women’s empowerment and celebrating women’s sensuality and power.

“One of the messages that I’ve always tried to reflect is: I am growing and evolving and I’m strong and vulnerable. I kind of share that with everyone … through different lyrics in my music,” says Goapele. “I feel like by showing that we are complex as women it gives other people permission to also be themselves and be their whole selves no matter what. We don’t have to just be defined by any stereotype as women.”

Miz Chris agrees.

“She is very fearless and look at her she’s flawless,” says Miz Chris. “She’s fierce.”

San Francisco Bay Area queer girl rapper Oh Blimey (Photo: Courtesy of Oh Blimey)

San Francisco Bay Area queer girl rapper Oh Blimey (Photo: Courtesy of Oh Blimey)

Goapele and the other women headlining EDEN SF V aren’t the only fierce and flawless eye popping candy at EDEN.

The celebrities coming out to hang at EDEN keep getting hotter and hotter. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with MTV’s Real World: Ex-plosion Ari Fitz, HBO’s True Blood star Jessica Clark, and Showtime’s The Real L Word’s Lauren Bedford Russell?

Then there are California’s best, and I mean the best, spinstresses throughout the Golden State keeping the groove going on the dance floor into the wee hours of Pride Weekend.

Girl Power

“EDEN is always like the garden of hope, garden of love where things are beautiful. EDEN is a place where you always want to go back to,” Miz Chris told Girls That Roam in 2010 when EDEN launched.”

For its five year anniversary, EDEN has a new look symbolizing the future of women and women’s empowerment. That vision is carried out not only through EDEN’s celebration of Girl Pride, but through its new foundation, The EDEN LGBTQ Youth Foundation that provides scholarships to queer youth to pursue higher education and grants to organizations supporting LGBTQ youth in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This year, the foundation will give out 10 $1,000 scholarships to the future leaders of the LGBTQ community.

This is made possible because, EDENites continue to come back and bring their friends with them to the best all-girl party in San Francisco.

OK. Sure. Yes. The gorgeous celebrities and top notch entertainment is hard to compete with, but what really makes EDEN truly special and extraordinary?

The women who come out to party proving that music does bring the world together in a beautiful array of colors and nationalities: That’s what Girls That Roam and the EDEN team has been told over and over again why women come to EDEN and keep coming back.

HBO's True Blood star Jessica Clark (Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Clark)

HBO’s True Blood star Jessica Clark (Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Clark)

“I love San Francisco,” says Jessica, who loves the diversity of culture and ethnicities that come together to create a unique artistic culture, in San Francisco. “It’s absolutely one of my favorite places.”

“EDEN really works to personify that and I think that’s a unique voice that they have and also a unique position to be able to create an experience like that for something like Pride,” continues Jessica, who is looking forward to experiencing that unique diverse creative culture that EDEN has embodied from its performers to guests for her first EDEN SF during Pride weekend.

Ari couldn’t agree more.

“I love the diversity of women at Eden,” echoes Ari, who was born and raised across the bay in Vallejo. “It’s fun to stumble upon people from various parts of the world all with the same goal: unapologetically living life to its fullest!”

The EDEN experience simply mesmerized Chynna Magnampo, a 22-year-old bisexual woman who is one of EDEN’s Eves this year, when she first attended EDEN SF.

“I was so mesmerized by how many different cultures of women that were brought together to celebrate universal Pride for the community,” adds Chynna.


Model / Filmmaker Ari Fitz (Photo: Courtesy of Ari Fitz)

Model / Filmmaker Ari Fitz (Photo: Courtesy of Ari Fitz)


“I’m very excited about this year,” says Chaney Turner, co-producer and entertainment director of EPE. “It’s our 5th anniversary and many never thought we’d make it this far.”

Chaney pointed out there have been tremendous changes in the LGBT movement during the past several years, with the domino effect of same-sex marriage spreading throughout the states and around the world and so much more, so it’s only fitting EDEN embodies a superhero theme this year.

“Our superpower theme is a perfect representation of the LGBTQ community because we all are truly she-roes and heroes!” says Chaney.

“Expect an experience like never before,” she adds.

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Full Disclosure: Heather Cassell is the marketing and sponsorship director of EDEN Pride Events, which produces EDEN San Francisco.

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