DJ WildFire Gets Women Into The Groove

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DJ WildFire Gets Women Into The Groove

DJ Wildfire Talks With Girls That Roam About The Meditative Practice Of Spinning Music, Water Adventures, And Spinning At EDEN Pacific Northwest


Blending music together creating an eclectic energy throughout the dance floor is what got Jennifer “Jenn” Davis, better known as DJ WildFire, hooked on spinning for any party.

It’s a meditative practice that resonates in her soul and inspired her to be a DJ nearly 20 years ago.

“Music is what resonates in my soul creating a meditative calm in my being,” says DJ WildFire, 38, who has spun in cities from San Diego all the way up the Pacific coast to Vancouver, British Columbia as well as Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona.

Women would hit the dance floors of Chicklets of BC, Hot Flash Dance Parties (before she bought the nightlife entertainment company with her future wife, Armida “Army” Hanlon), Pride parties, private parties, and her appearances at local bars and nightclubs dancing to the Disco, EDM, Funk, R&B, Top 40, and Vocal House tunes she crafts from the DJ booth.

She loves putting together the sounds with the movement of people on the dance floor to create that perfect energy particularly with EDM and Vocal House, that builds a unique energy as the song builds before “it drops into the main verse.” she says.

“I love to create an energetic space that makes people dance, move, and groove to music,” says DJ WildFire, who started spinning in 1996 in Southern California, where she was born and raised.

Eight years ago, DJ WildFire and her partner in life and business, Armida “Army” Hanlon were searching for the perfect blend of small town America and urban life. The couple found it in Portland, Oregon.

“We quickly found Portland to be that place we call home,” says DJ WildFire. Army and she quickly claimed Portland as home in January 2006.

DJ WildFire and Army quickly settled into Portland buying Escape Bar & Grill (9004 Northeast Sandy Boulevard; 503-255-4300; and Hot Flash Dance Parties, the popular all-girl dance party in Portland and Seattle. In spite of running two successful businesses, DJ WildFire hasn’t given up her day job. She also works full-time as a construction project manager at 2 Dads Design and Build.

The couple plans to marry their 10 year anniversary December 15.

The Southern California native loves experiencing “seasons for the first time,” but has never been to Seaside to experience the Northern Oregon Coast, she says.

Coastal Adventures

That’s why spinning at EDEN Pacific Northwest this weekend, October 2 – 5, will be a treat for Army and her.

DJ WildFire is looking forward to partying it up with the women at EDEN Pacific Northwest this weekend spinning the hits in the coastal town of Seaside, Oregon.

“I am super excited to not only spend the weekend with the women, but to get them groovin’ and shakin’,” says DJ WildFire.

She will be spinning after the EDEN PNW comedy show, 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. at Twisted Fish Steakhouse, (311 Broadway Street) on October 4. Tickets are $15.

“There is nothing better than playing music for the crowd taking the energy to the next level,” says DJ WildFire.

When she’s not in the DJ booth, DJ WildFire is looking forward to hanging with the women at the beach bonfire, clamming, going on the craft brew trail tour and other adventures.

“I’m expecting to have a fabulous time,” says DJ WildFire.

Waterous Adventures

Heading to the Northern Oregon Coast is only the most recent adventure. DJ WildFire loves escaping to any place that has water: beaches, lakes or rivers.

She can’t wait to explore Alaska, the Bahamas, and the Yucatan.

“All of these places are beautiful in different ways, wondrous, and near water,” says DJ WildFire about why these places are on her bucket list.

“I enjoy getting away with my partner to experience different parts of the country and world,” says DJ WildFire.

Traveling teaches you how to “adapt to your surroundings and be grateful for what you have,” she says.

This is why “everyone should try to travel out of there state at least once,” she says.

The biggest drag is when Army and she return home and have to unpack their bags and do the laundry, she says. That’s the worse part of an adventure, when it’s officially over.

DJ WildFire and Hot Flash Dance Parties will take over the dance floor 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse, 311 Broadway in Seaside, Oregon at EDEN PNW. Tickets are $15, visit

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