Action Girl

Women’s outdoor adventures and sporty vacations.

Art Beat

Reviews of the latest arts and crafts exhibits and gallery showings, festivals and profiles of the hottest women in the arts.


Profiles of artists and entertainers.


Restaurant review, enjoying every bite from dive to five star restaurants to give you the dish.


Profiles of women in the hospitality and travel industry.

First Class

Reviews of the best of the best for traveling in style.


Reviews of the latest travel accessories and gear.

Go Girl

Reviews of activities, tours, staycations and day trips, and things to do.


Reviews of music to travel by and to getting you into the perfect mood to enjoy all of those festivals and road trips.


Find your next adventure on the silver screen with reviews of the best travel movies.


Personal travel essays.

Travel Tales

Review of the best travel reads whether you are dreaming about your next adventure in your lovely abode or camped out on a beach or by a lake.

Pillow Talk

Know where to rest your weary travel head with reviews of hostels to luxury resorts.

Pink Briefs

Travel information for businesswomen travelers.


Want to know what’s hot in lesbianville around the globe? Find out what the girls are up to at Sapphic City.


Bar and Drink Review: on the hunt for the best liquids to sip from cocktails to wine and to tell about it.

Snap Shot

Girl Roamers vacation photos.

The Hook Up

Tech Review: Get the low down on the latest technical gadgets to help make your travels easier and open you up to discover more.

The Purse

The best travel deals from hotels, packages, boats, trains, planes, and more for hitting the road while being kind to your bottom line.

The Ride

Review of transportation from airplanes and airports to trains.

The Spot

Nightlife happenings.

The Ticket

Get the latest entertainment and hot spots for a good time featuring festivals, theater, and more around the globe.


Wearing travel well and finding the most unique treasures to bring home around the world.


Profiling women travelers who made the first historic step out to explore the world.

Travel Log

Travel Information and News: get the latest travel information to help inform your next trip.