Get your burning questions answered here!

Here’s a quickie about the 411 of Girls That Roam, hopefully you will get the answers to your burning questions here. If not, hit us up with your question and we’ll get back to you no matter where we are in the world. We are thrilled to answer any questions or concerns about Girls That Roam, its features, content, and any other questions wanderlust minds want to know.

How often do you publish?

Girls That Roam is published every Sunday morning.

Why every Sunday?

Because it’s our free day, we like waking up and dreaming about where we would like to go before we have to prepare for the busy work week. Yup, when we aren’t running thorough airports, hitting the high road, enjoying cocktails in distant places, or snuggled up at home (yes, sometimes we have staycations right in our lovely abode), we are slogging it away like the rest of you at that place and thing we call a J O B. … well, Super G is and Heather writes full-time for other publications and clients.

Can’t wait for the next issue? Well, check in with our blogs, catch us on FaceBookTwitter, or the Girls That Roam community, for regularly updated news, tips, observations, where we might be, and more.

What is the Girls That Roam community, why should I become a member, and how do I join the community?

The Girls That Roam community is made up of girl roamers like you, but you can learn more about who these ladies (and not so lady-like women) are on our membership page. This is the place just for Girl Roamers to connect with other wanderlust women, share stories and swap info, find women-owned and women-friendly businesses and organizations that make us feel good and give back to the community and earth.

How do you choose the stories that you write about and the information you review?

There are so many paths that lead to appearing in Girls That Roam. Press releases and toys from companies hocking their goods (got the goods, contact us), tips from readers and interviewees, pitches from other Girl Roamers (see our Contributor Submission Guidelines), researching and scouring the Internet for Websites, newspapers, magazines, books, looking and reading anything anywhere high and low that will feed the beast. Fortunately, Heather as a professional journalist has a nose that can sniff out stories at every angle like there is no tomorrow (“tomorrow is another day” is an afterthought for her, today is the day).

“Hey, I help too ya know,” Super G interjects.

“Yes you do,” Heather says blowing kisses to Super G. “You are my better half who knows how to boogie woogie, scope out the finest wines, cocktails, and food; and you bring back information from your solo jaunts and adventures, as well as, ask the questions that I don’t always think about asking.”

Our aim is to seek out women- and queer women-owned and operated businesses and organizations to inform you about them, but because women – queer and straight – are everywhere, we love writing about businesses that love us and support us too.
There was a story that I really liked, how do I contact the editors?

There are two ways to express your views about stories or the editor and writers. You can comment on stories, at the bottom of each story or email us . If you email us, please include your full name, phone number, email address, and city and state you are writing from so we can contact you if we have questions.

I commented on a story, but I don’t see it. Why not?

We make every attempt to monitor comments on our stories to ensure the content is appropriate and non-threatening to our community. If you see a comment that is questionable, please email us immediately so we can review it.

Inappropriate comments, which include, but are not limited to: anything that sounds homophobic, racist, sexist, ageist or just plain mean will immediately be removed from the website and blog for the safety and enjoyment of our community and members, as well as for legal reasons. We enjoy constructive discussions and value your opinions at Girls That Roam, but we also adhere to California law. We appreciate that you respect the fact that Girls That Roam is a safe place for women travelers to connect and get information, but not be solicited for any reason. So, comments left by companies, businesses, organizations, or individuals who are pushing product rather than information in your comments will also be removed immediately upon our awareness of the post. If you are interested in being listed or would like to advertise, please see your Advertising page. Generally, since we don’t vet comments prior to posting, comments should be posted immediately.

I emailed the publishers and/or the editor, but the letter was never published, nor did I receive a response. Why not?

Bring on your emails. We love to hear from our readers, but we can’t guarantee that every letter will be published or responded to. We reserve the right to select the letter that best expresses the collective sentiment of our readers’ letters in response to the Girls That Roam website, community, or individual articles, as well as, to give tips in response to an article (i.e. an article about discount airlines in Asia that lists some airlines, but you found an a discount Asian airline not mentioned in the article and you write to us). Readers are welcome to communicate with Girls That Roam contributors by clicking on the author’s byline that links to their email addresses.

How do I submit story ideas or a travel essay to Girls That Roam?

Do you have a travel bag full of stories? Please tell us your adventures, tips, and more! We would love to hear about them. To submit to Girls That Roam check out our Contributor Submission Guidelines. We are always looking for Girl Roamers, like ourselves, of all ages, ethnicities, nations, sexual orientation, gender identity, and beyond who are willing to travel and tell.

I’m a bio man or transgender man, but I’m travel savvy too, can I write for Girls That Roam?

Thank you for reading Girls That Roam, we love our boyfriends: gay, straight, and trans, but we hate to break it to you, no matter how much we love you, this website is by and for us girls. We might accept submissions from transgender men depending on the article and the transgender man, but overall we only publish writing from bio and transgender women and we reserve the right to refuse article and photo submissions from anyone.

I’m a photographer, how do I submit my work to Girls That Roam?

We love photography! Check out our Contributor Submission Guidelines and show us what you’ve got. Also, please read above regarding our policy on potential contributors.

I have or I own a woman- or lesbitrans-owned business for you to review, how do I get onto Girls That Roam?

You are singing our tune! We love women- and lesbitrans-owned businesses, not to mention our gal- and queer-women-friendly establishments. There are a number of ways to capture our interest. You can simply email us with your business details (i.e. business name, contact, address, phone number, email, website, and description); or put us on your press list so we can potentially check you out to see if you fit in Girls That Roam’s community. You can also advertise with Girls That Roam, check out our Advertising page.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we will review your business, write a snazzy profile of you and your business, accept your dough to list you in our directory or even link to you or take your moola in whichever shape or form it comes in, if we come to the conclusion that you don’t fit within our community.

How much does it cost to be listed on your site?

There are different levels of listings from links to Girl Roamers that we love that we post for free just because we love you to paid calendar events and directory listings, advertising, and sponsorships, see our Advertising page for more information about how you can up your visibility on Girls That Roam. Just a note, Girls That Roam can’t be bought: enhanced listings, advertising, and sponsorship do not influence our content. See our Ethics Guidelines, for more information. And on that note, even if you send us your stuff to review, we don’t guarantee that we will like it or love it or that it will even appear in Tricks of the Trade.

I read about a place on Girls That Roam that sounded amazing, but when I went to the place it no longer existed. Where did it go?

We are just as bummed as you are. We love the people and places that we profile on Girls That Roam, otherwise we wouldn’t feature them. Unfortunately, we aren’t always informed when places close or move in spite of working with a variety of women’s business associations, guides, and organizations around the globe. We also keep an eye peeled for media stories and on email lists we belong to, as well as asking for members to tell us when a businesses and organizations open and close either by emailing us or leaving a comment on our bio page so we can check it out, we still miss the boat and belly flop into the water. So, we really encourage you as a member of our community, individuals and businesses alike, to take a moment to give us a heads up so we can check it out. This will not only help us, but other Girl Roamers when they are surfing the web looking for that spot.

You recommended a place that left much to be desired, don’t you visit these places?

I’m very sorry that you had such a bad experience. Unfortunately, venues change on a constant basis. What was once a great venue one day might flop the next day for a variety of reasons: from change of management or ownership to change of location. Another reason can be one person might have had an awesome time while someone else can roll their eyes and say, “Are you kidding me? That place was a dump!” That’s why the Girls That Roam community is an awesome place, we can reach out to each other before we head out on a trip or vacation and chat with each other in a comfortable, safe, and easy to use environment. We also appreciate being given the heads up on places we’ve featured or listed, especially if the venue(s) in question is allegedly falsely advertising or if it has simply changed. We want to check it out, because while we’re providing you with options and suggestions of what is available for you as a queer and straight woman, we also want you to be comfortable and safe. If a listing isn’t up to Girls That Roam’s par we will do one of two things, update it with a more accurate description, put an amended note at the end of the article if we featured or profiled the business, or for really serious offenders immediately remove it and we definitely won’t accept money for advertising from that business until things change. We also highly encourage you to do a little extra homework so your travels and vacation or business trip is one that is as enjoyable as possible.

TBA or TBD appears on your calendar of events, what does that mean?

TBA is short for To Be Announced and TBD is short for To Be Determined, either way the date, time, location or some information either isn’t available or hasn’t been determined yet. Keep checking back for updates or watch for articles, we might feature that event and will have the information you need.