Gallivanting Women Get Inspired To Explore The World

(l to r) Julia Cosgrove of AFAR Magazine, Paula Froelich, of Yahoo! Travel, and noted journalist Laura Ling discussed their travel adventures in and out of hot spots and more pleasant journeys and why women shouldn’t stop traveling at the Women’s Travel Fest in San Francisco in 2014. (Photo: Heather Cassell)

Who Said Women Aren’t Adventurous? Whoever It Was They Haven’t Met These Fierce, Well-Traveled Gals At The Second Annual Women’s Travel Fest by Heather Cassell It was an enthralling two days all about women and travel at the Women’s Travel Fest last year, which means that the third annual Fest in 2016

Gifts For The Wanderlust Gal In Your Life

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Girls That Roam Has Been Shopping And Found These 12 Gifts For The Wanderlust Woman In Your Life by Heather Cassell This is the best time of the year! It’s the time for family and friends, gatherings, and sitting next to the fireplace sipping peppermint coco ... of course presents and gift

Women’s Wanderlust: Women’s Travel Fest 2015

Sarah Shourd, left, shared her story about being imprisoned for a year in Iran and her travels in the Middle East with Kelly Lewis, right, founder of Go! Girl Guide and the Women’s Travel Fest, and attendees at the Women's Travel Fest 2014 in New York. (Photo: Courtesy of Women's Travel Fest)

Women’s Travel Fest comes to San Francisco encouraging women to set out on adventure and how to do it on a shoestring by Heather Cassell A whole new generation of women is carrying a different kind of baggage than their mothers and it doesn’t always involve kids and a husband. The women attending

Girls That Roam Sponsors the Women’s Travel Festival 2015

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IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Heather Cassell Publisher/Editor/Travel Agent Girls That Roam / Girls That Roam Travel Office: 415-517-7239 Agency: 408-354-6531 E: (San Francisco, Calif. – November 10, 2014) Girls That Roam is proud to sponsor the second-annual Women’s Travel Fest 2015. Women travelers will flock to San Francisco to attend the Women’s Travel Fest February 27 – March 1